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Hi, welcome to the Bros. Houligan.

Generally on a corporate website people talk a lot about how great they are or how great their product is. But at the Bros. Houligan we’re not a big chain restaurant and we don’t really like to talk about how great we are. So we’re going to let someone else do it for us. The review below was written without compensation of any type and published on an independent website, but we think it does a good job of explaining things. The only thing we’ll add is that the restaurant was started by and is still run by the McMurchy family in 1987.

Tulsa Food & Dining

Casually reviewed by ordinary people with a passion for food
June 10th, 2010 by Brian Schwartz –

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a chain restaurant that wasn’t a chain? It would have the same kind of casual fun food as your average T.G.I. Friday’s but the menu wouldn’t be designed by a bunch of cost-cutters in suits sitting in a corner office in Chicago and the food wouldn’t be cooked and frozen in a big industrial kitchen somewhere in Nebraska. It would be lovingly hand-prepped and cooked just for you. And the decor wouldn’t have that plastic mass-produced look that wouldn’t even give you a clue of your location, where for all you know you could be in Boise or Bahrain. It would be cozy, goofy, comforting, put together almost by chance. In fact it would look a lot like this.

Brothers Houligan started as a neighborhood bar but as you can see it’s definitely a family place now. The joint has been packing in the diners for over twenty years, which I guess makes it an old-timer. No-one’s sure how it got its name. It seems to have been founded by two brothers neither of whom is named Houligan. So you make your way through a warren of little wood-paneled rooms, past a full-service bar to the nice sunlit dining room in front. The waitresses were friendly and truly perky and they work as a group, so if you need something you don’t have to wait for your waitress; whoever is nearest will help you. So it wasn’t all that long before one of them brought out the food.

I wish I’d ordered this chicken-fried steak ($7). It looked so good and it tasted just as good. (My friend gave me some) And those green beans… well they don’t look like much in the photo but boy do they pack a flavor wallop. A rich smoky porky taste. They’re cooked in grease. And the good news is… you can get as many plates of those beans as you like! No extra charge. Yes, Houligan’s has an all-you-can-eat beans deal. We got through two plates and I wish I’d ordered a third.

Here’s what I ordered:

Deep Fried Gulf Shrimp ($8) Get ‘em while you can! The taste was unusually good, better than this picture shows. I usually regret ordering battered shrimp but this time my only regret was not ordering more. The breading was wonderful, crisp, flavorful, not slick and oily. Alongside was mashed potatoes with gravy on the side. Not bad, but I should have gone for the waffle fries, also with gravy. (They’re big on gravy and it’s really good.) The fish in the photo? That’s the trout ($7). Fresh, nice flavor, slight hint of a country river. Other lunch options include deep-fried chicken livers ($6), and I wanted to try that too. Also pork chop ($8) and fried catfish ($7). But by this time we were all stuffed. They don’t serve dessert at Bros. Houligan. Everybody is too stuffed to want it.

About Brian Schwartz:
Born in NYC, College in Oxford at age 16. Law School in New Haven, Conn. Still, I’m the only Tulsa member of the little-known Omega Society.



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